Come one, come all. Healthy, organic and local products. Overall, a great atmosphere!


Come one, come all. Healthy, organic and local products. Overall, a great atmosphere!

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Cleaning the pipes

So the other day our girls were cleaning a house and one of our girls walked in to an unexpected surprise. She opened the door to the client’s son’s room and he was doing a thorough job of…”emptying his pipe”. Mortified, she turned around and closed the door immediately. She quickly ran downstairs and never looked back. Soon after, the son came down in nothing but a t-shirt. Again, she looked away and decided to continue cleaning with her back to him. To make things worse, he started up a conversation with her, wondering if she was one of the new cleaners and telling her about the previous cleaners. She decided to turn for a split second and all she could see were his staff and his family jewels. She rushed out, traumatized, and called us here at the office. Of course, unlike her, we thought it was absolutely hilarious. We’ve never heard so much panic in her voice! Well, we’ve definitely learned our lesson, cleaners should never clean the house at the same time as the pipes are being cleaned and emptied!

The “small area rug”

So the other day, a new client called asking for a quote on her house cleaning. She was asking our salesperson if the girls would be able to lift and clean under her rug. Of course, our salesperson asked how large the rug was, just to be sure. The customer replied with “oh it’s just a small area rug”. Relieved, our salesperson agreed and said it was no problem at all. So, the girls arrive and begin to clean. All of a sudden, the client reminds them to lift and clean under the rug, as promised. The girls asked where it was and the client showed them. This was no “small area rug”, this was a damn carpet! This rug went wall to wall and covered a HUGE area. You could tell about 4 men would’ve been needed to roll up and move this rug. The girls refused and said that they physically weren’t able to do it. The client insisted that our salesperson promised her that the girls would lift the rug and clean the floor underneath, but the girls kept stating that they were unable to do so. The girls called the office asking what to do and they were told to be out of the house at 1:45pm and that they didn’t have to clean under the rug. But this elderly woman kept insisting that they do it. Eventually, the girls were able to leave this house, but we didn’t hear the end of it back at the office! Next time, pictures or it’s not happening!

The Green Living Show was absolutely amazing! My only regret is getting there so late, I didn’t even have time to check everything out. But I bought a bunch of products, including BioVert’s laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid! They both smell amazing and do a great job. I even bought beeswax candles which smell wonderful and don’t pollute your air. Beeswax candles are a great way to absorb bad smells, like when you’re cooking fish. They aren’t harmful to your lungs, unlike other candles. I also bought all natural soap and a stain remover made by Buncha Farmers and they both smell so clean and fresh. Next year I will definitely reserve a whole day to dedicate to this show, it was just too amazing to squeeze into three hours.

The Green Living Show

I was recently just browsin’ the web, and low and behold, I came across an advertisement for The Green Living Show at the Ex! It immediately caught my eye and I clicked on it to find out more. This event sounds amazing! Hundreds of little booths that promote eco-friendly products and inform consumers about how to live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. I was checking out the list of different exhibits and they all sound so interesting. If only we had found it sooner, Mona definitely would have gotten involved in being one of the exhibitors there. But no worries, next year we’ll be on that list for sure, promoting eco-friendly cleaning. We’ll be sure to go out to the event to check out our competition for next year :)

Tips on how to help the environment, your wallet, and your home

Typically, you’d think it’s difficult to be eco-friendly and save money since eco-friendly products tend to be a bit more pricey, but here are some tips on how to do both!

1. Make your own laundry detergent/liquid soap: even though it can be somewhat time consuming, making your own detergent or soap can be very beneficial. Knowing that there aren’t chemicals that are gradually ruining your clothes or even your skin, can be very rewarding. Best of all, you can customize it to be any scent you want (if you’re tired of the generic laundry detergent smells). Here’s a detailed list of steps for making your own: http://www.soapdelinews.com/2011/12/diy-homemade-laundry-detergent-liquid.html

2. Shark Steam Mop: If you’re looking for a new mop to get the nitty gritty parts of your floor, then the Shark Steam Mop is highly recommended. It comes with washable pads that can be tossed into the washing machine and no product is necessary! All you have to do is add water and it works like a miracle. 

3. Make your own cleaning products: instead of basing cleanliness on how good your house smells (chemicals, fragrances in cleaning products), try to actually avoid these types of smells. Instead, aim for a fresh and natural smell, using things you can use from your kitchen. Here are 25 DIY recipes for house cleaning products: HTTP://WWW.APARTMENTTHERAPY.COM/20-DIY-GREEN-CLEANING-RECIPES-141129

And if you wanted some really neat printable labels for your homemade cleaning products, head on over to…

4. Use vinegar as fabric softener:regular fabric softener DOES smell great, but the amount of chemicals in it actually ruins your clothes and your cleaning rags over time. The product in it causes fibers to face down which means that your microfibre cloths won’t be as effective! Regular fabric softener also blocks your lint filter, even though you think you’re cleaning it by simply removing the visible lint. Truth is, if you ran water through your lint filter, it probably wouldn’t flow through the holes smoothly, as it should. Using vinegar is just as effective as a fabric softener and it is guaranteed to not ruin your clothes. (Dryer lint also counts as compost!)

5. Use washable cloths instead of paper towel: many people make the mistake of using paper towel in the kitchen and having many rolls of it nearby, but a more eco-friendly and money saving way is to use cloths. Using microfibre cloths saves you money in the long run and they are actually more effective than paper towels. 

Hot weather is on it’s way!

I’m sure you’ve noticed, but these days the weather has been absolutely beautiful! People are shedding their coats and busting out the shorts. Nice weather generally brightens up anybody’s day, so maybe you can do something to give back to Mother Nature. Since the weather is warming up…

  • hang your laundry outside instead of using your dryer
  • try walking or biking to close destinations
  • take a walk in the park instead of watching tv/being on the computer all day
  • let your hair air dry outside rather than blow-drying it (this will be doing your hair a favour too!)
  • start planting some trees to help clean the air

And a topic we all love, BARBECUE! As soon as summer starts people will start grilling and barbecuing on their porches or in their backyards. Little do they know, there are a couple ways to be more environmentally friendly while doing it.

  • try to find cleaner burning fuels
  • if you have a charcoal grill, look for organic or natural lump brands
  • liquid petroleum gas is also a great substitute; it emits 100 timeslessCO2 compared to average charcoal briquettes
  • do your best to use washable/reusable dishes and cutlery; and if your barbecue is going to have a lot of people, find biodegradable disposable plates
  • and the most relevant point, use an all-natural grill cleaner to cleanyour grill once the barbecue is over

So, just a few tips to reduce your carbon footprint this summer; start now while it’s warm!

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